Indus script and font

Around a great area, now flowed through by the Indus river, one of the early civilizations flourished from roughly 2500 to 1800 BC.

There is a lot of information on this civilization in the net, for example:

The Indus civilization developed one of the early script systems. Some thousands short texts (on seals, tablets, etc.), written in the Indus script, have been found. But no widely accepted deciphering has been worked out yet.
More information on the script and known texts you can find for example at:

(Remark: Some sites on the Indus civilization are not free from ideological bias. [Euphemistically spoken.]
Try to ignore it.)

The study of the script is seriously hampered without fonts, allowing to represent the texts in print or on computer screen easily.
Such a font (really: font family) will be given here.

But, sorry, the usability of the font family is restricted yet. Its two main shortcomings are:

(The second restriction should be removed soon; let's hope, the first can be removed too.)

More detailed information (including stuff on rights etc.) has been collected as questions and answers.
The actual (first) version of the font family gets version number 0.5.

To get an impression of the Indus texts and of one of the fonts, made available here, look at the example file ...

showing one text for every of the 419 signs in I. Mahadevan's sign list.

last change: 20. Sep. 2002