Font Naming

The names of the fonts have been choosen in an attempt to deviate as little as possible from the proposal of Karl Berry for font names. (But take them as provisional.)

The names are structured as follows:

S Tw Th W VV [E] DD

Here will be used:

S f font source: freely distributable
Tw 0 variable width, glyphs not centered
1 fixed width, glyphs not centered
4 variable width, glyphs centered
5 fixed width, glyphs centered
Th 1 all signs have the same height
2 all signs have one of two heights
W l weight: light
(may be, book, regular, or medium would be better?)
VV 8i variant: 8~other, i=indus
(or: i=coded by I. Mahadevan numbers?)
E - width: omitted, i.e.regular,
D 10
design size

So "f52l8i22" would be the name of a fixed width font, design size 22, with signs of two heights and centered glyphs.

For explanations on the meaning of fixed/variable width, one/two heights, (not) centered see font parameters.

(For fonts, more parameterized than indicated above, I'm unaware of a good naming scheme.)

last change: 20. Sep. 2002